It’s not really bluegrass without a big bottom end. The Collings D3G provides this bass-heavy sound to bluegrass and folk performers alike with:

  • A varnish finish that adds breathy warmth & volume
  • Superior Collings construction that adds more balance than your typical dreadnought
  • Quality tone woods, including a German spruce top and Indian rosewood body

In addition, the aesthetic inlay detail adds an elegance to this otherwise battleship of an acoustic guitar.

Volume, Warmth, & Beauty

While any guitar with a large body is expected to be louder than a small bodied guitar, the Collings D3G offers warmth and beauty in addition to sheer volume. The varnish finish and Adirondack braces combine to provide a warmth that breathes with your music.

In addition to lush tones, the Collings D3G has beautiful detail work that stands out from other dreadnought acoustic guitars. The #3 back strip and gold hardware are standard for a Collings D3, while the inlays on the neck, torch, and guitar binding are all aesthetic upgrades. The original torch peg inlay matches the 42 style snowflake inlay on the neck and the 41 style top inlay was inspired by Martin’s original design.

Perhaps the most stunning feature of the Collings D3G is its perfect Indian rosewood body. It’s color, grain, and consistency can’t be found anywhere else.

Superior Collings Construction

Tone imbalance is a common problem for many bluegrass and folk guitarists who play dreadnought guitars. However, you don’t have to completely sacrifice a deep bottom end and volume for balance. Superior Collings construction and the D3G’s German top combine to give provide more balance to this dreadnought. However, if the slightly less deep timbre doesn’t fit your sound, you should consider a Martin dreadnought instead.

My Verdict

This model is the Neil Young guitar. Like most dreadnoughts, the Collings D3G’s volume makes it a great choice for live bluegrass and folk performers. While these larger models are traditionally played with picks, it’s just versatile enough for an accomplished finger stylist to use.

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