If you want a small performance guitar for your coffee shop gigs, then the Collings C10 Maple offers the size, tone, and projection you need for a stellar performance. In addition, this Collings acoustic guitar’s modern look will catch the eye of any guitar enthusiast.

Clear, Bright, & Warm Tones

The Collings C10 Maple is known for its clarity. Each well defined note produce a bright tone that carries a warmth not commonly found in other small guitars. Its tidiness makes it perfect for folk or singer/songwriter types.

Simplicity with a Contemporary Edge

From the naturally stained maple body and neck to the fingerboard that lacks position markings, this instrument breathes simplicity. However, while the Collings C10 Maple is a clean looking guitar, the rosewood binding on the body, neck, and headstock follows along the naturally stained cutaway. The result leaves you wondering if this is more contemporary art piece than instrument. In addition to adding a modern spin, the cutaway model provides easy access to higher registers, making the Collings C10 Maple the ideal choice for finger stylists. The Sitka spruce top gives the instrument a quick response and good frequency range, adding to the finger stylist appeal.

My Verdict

Remember that not all Collings C10 guitars are the same. For instance the Collings C10 Maple is brighter, louder, and uses different woods than the Collings C10 Deluxe and may have more in common with a Martin OO. In addition, while blues musicians may appreciate a more versatile guitar like the Collings SJ, folk musicians who prefer cleaner tones will feel right at home with the Collings C10 Maple. Play it in your living room or in a small performance hall with an acoustic amplifier.

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