The Martin 000-28EC is a tribute to the acoustic guitars of the 1930s and 40s while still maintaining a place in modern day music. This Eric Clapton endorsed Martin acoustic guitar features some of Martin’s best vintage work but is still versatile enough to be played by just about any acoustic guitar musician.

Martin’s Vintage Series

Martin has several series that reproduce models from the first half of the twentieth century. The Martin 000-28EC is part of their Vintage Series, which is on the more refined side of their reproductions. While not as accurate or expensive as Authentic Series guitars, acoustic guitars in the Vintage Series are still precisely constructed from quality materials. Even those who were not around during the 30s and 40s will feel that special Midnight in Paris nostalgia when they pick up this instrument.

A Triple Play for the Triple 0

The Martin 000-28EC is not only from the popular Vintage series; it’s also a very popular model. Its popularity stems from the better construction & design features that Martin began to employ in the 1930s, including:

  • Scalloped, forward shifted bracing
  • Compound dovetail neck joints
  • Slightly larger necks

The thicker and wider neck provided more structural stability while also increasing the guitar’s sustain and brightness.

The neck may be the biggest difference between a Martin 000 and a Martin OM. As a result, the Martin 000-28EC is cheaper and less fancy than the Martin OM-42 we reviewed last week, but the triple-0 sounds just as good if not better than the standard OM. Visually, this model has simple but attractive aesthetic details such as the herringbone inlay. In addition, the beautiful sunburst Sitka spruce top adds a subtle flair to the piece.

Our Verdict

While this guitar is versatile enough to played for just about any acoustic style accept bluegrass, it’s especially responsive for finger style musicians and acoustic blues. If you are less concerned with the guitar’s appearance, you can save the money without sacrificing the sound by choosing the natural 000-28EC as opposed to the sunburst.

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