What a Doozy! Duesenberg Guitars are at Eddie’s Guitars!

In the US – Duesenberg used to stand for grand automobiles that represented class, luxury, stability, and power.

In 1986, though unrelated legally, the brand was reborn. Decidedly or coincidentally, the ethos remained.

The modern version of the brand has managed to embody those same traits that made people proclaim “It’s a Doozy” – globally.

Applying superior skills as luthiers, artisans, and innovators – with an eye on classic art deco aesthetics – has yielded an amazing array of guitars.

This stuff just LOOKS incredible.

There’s good reason names like Joe Walsh, Mike Campbell, and Tom Bukovac have signature models made by Duesenberg. And, a slew of other artists are seen on stage with their wares… Ron Wood, Robbie McIntosh, Billy Gibbons, Peter Stroud, and on, and on…

Just look at the design elements: the bridges, the controls, the truss rod covers, the pickguards, and the tremolos (Which are nothing short of amazing)…

And, of course – none of these players, (or you), would own one for the amazing looks alone. They have to PLAY and SOUND great as well.

This stuff PLAYS impeccably.

Plek’d and dressed, careful attention to neck profiles, body weights, balance, action, intonation – What else would you expect from a German-founded company? Details!

They are smooth, they are fast, and they have woody feel and snap. It’s all just ‘right’.

This stuff SOUNDS exquisite!

Chimey filter style pups, barky P-style pups, roaring hummers – and various construction styles to compliment the sonic options… Solid, Semi-Hollow, Fully Hollow – and these aren’t slap-together bolt-ons. This is fine craftsmanship building of some of the most complicated styles of guitars available. And man, when these guts yell through these bodies – you smile, you dig in, and magic flies.

Get your Doozy!

We are thrilled to offer this incredibly unique, widely celebrated guitar brand to Eddie’s arsenal.


Here is the current inventory so you can go grab your very own Doozy and be the talk of the town.

In Stock Duesenberg Guitars at Eddie’s…

Eye Candy!
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