Donny Thurmon

Donny found his love for music at age 6 when his Dad bought him his first guitar; an Epiphone Les Paul Pee Wee. Growing up with two parents that are musicians, his passion was only developed further. At age 11 guitar became more and more a part of daily life and began to take precedent over everything else. All through school Donny performed in concert and jazz band and studied theory up into college. At 16 Donny started his first band and began hitting the stage at many concert venues across the St. Louis area and beyond.

Since then, he has been in several bands and currently plays in a stoner rock/doom band called SCUZZ with his coworker Jandro and a cover band called SPIN with his Mom and Dad. Although his palette has broadened over the years from playing so many different genres, he contributes his original sound to early influences of pop-punk and classic rock legends.

The most memorable concert he has been to is the first concert he ever attended, Aerosmith and Kiss. His Dad surprised him for his 7th birthday! His favorite guitar is his Black ‘79 Gibson Les Paul Custom.

Donny came aboard the Eddie’s team in the middle of 2020 after years of working in the music retail industry. He is always striving to help everyone find their sound, with the perfect guitar; that not only has amazing tone, but also the right look and feel. Give him a call or send him an email today!

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