Alejandro Montero

Alejandro Montero joined the team in early 2021 after years in the music retail industry. He knew he was never going to lean guitar after receiving a catalog P-Bass starter pack for Christmas at age 13.

Since then his musical journey revolved around playing in punk and grunge bands in the early 2000’s with a brief hiatus in art school when he pursued an electronic music career. It wasn’t long after that he had to get a real instrument back in his hands, thus forming a stoner rock power trio called SCUZZ.

Shortly after he joined a second band, Synthetic Sun, a midwest emo/punk band. All the while he amassed a broad knowledge of guitars, basses, amps and pedals. His favorite bass is a sunburst Gibson EB4 that has been relic’d through playing gigs in the St. Louis area and beyond. He also is of the opinion that amps should be stacked and cranked to the high heavens, and that one can never have ‘too many’ pedals on one board.

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