Suhr Eddie’s Guitars Exclusive Roasted Modern – Faded Trans Whale Blue Burst

Serial Number: JS2N3P
Weight: 7 lbs 4 oz

The Suhr Eddie’s Guitars Exclusive Roasted Modern in Faded Trans Whale Blue Burst is a beast – you know, cuz it’s a whale. The beast of the sea, the nemesis of Ahab, the… OK, we are stopping now.

It looks like a dream. It plays like heaven. And its sounds and tones – nirvana. No, not the band – they are cool too but that’s NOT what we meant.

And this sucker is LIGHT for a whale. 7lbs 4oz. – Play all night. Or swim all night. Eat plankton all night. (Sorry… Cheese alert…)

A roasted swamp ash 2-piece body, roasted flame maple 2-piece top, a fast modern roasted maple elliptical neck with extra rolled 24 jumbo stainless steel frets on a compund radius. Yum. And there’s more of course: Gotoh Floyd Bridge, Suhr locking tuners, DSV + zebra bridge pickup, DSV zebra neck pickup – WIGGLE and TONE!

We love getting the opportunity to run exclusive builds – especially with a manufacturer like Suhr who is well-known for building some of the highest quality guitars on the planet.

This limited run Roasted Modern won’t last long, so be sure to pick yours up before it’s gone!

Other specifications include:

  • Roasted Swamp Ash Body 2-piece
  • Arm, Hand & Tummy Contours
  • Flame Maple Top 2- piece
  • Roasted Maple Neck
  • Roasted Maple Fretboard
  • Modern Elliptical .800″ – .850″
  • Extra Roll
  • 10-14″ Radius
  • 1.65″ Nut Width
  • Original Headstock
  • 24 SS Jumbo Frets
  • Gotoh Floyd, Recessed Bridge
  • Suhr Locking
  • Tusq Nut
  • Chrome Hardware
  • DSV neck pickup, zebra
  • DSV Plus bridge pickup, zebra
  • 1 Volume, 1 Tone, 5-Way blade
  • Decal Logo Gold
  • Black side and face dots
  • Hard Case
  • 7 lbs 4 oz
  • #JS2N3P

For more information about the Suhr Modern, please contact us.

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