ESP Exhibition Limited 2021 EX21-16 Arrow-CTM NT – Blue/Pink

Serial Number: E6141202
Weight: 7 lbs 0 oz

Each year, the master luthiers at the ESP Custom Shop in Japan are allowed to create a set of guitars based on the very best of their own unmatched design skills and unlimited creativity. The result is the ESP Exhibition Limited Series. Each guitar or bass is a completely unique creation, and only one of each model is made available worldwide. The instruments in the Exhibition Limited Series use special tonewoods, custom-crafted hardware, unique aesthetic materials, and the very best in components, resulting in some of the finest guitars and basses ever made available for both serious players and collectors.

Other specifications include:

  • Stabilized Blue/Pink resin buckeye burl w/ rosewood top
  • Roasted swamp ash body
  • Rosewood neck
  • Macassar ebony fingerboard w/stabilized binding
  • EMG 66/EMG57 active pickups
  • Hard Case
  • 7 lbs 0 oz
  • #E6141202

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