Suhr Reactive Load Box

Weight: 6 lbs 6 oz

The Reactive Load is a passive analog model of an actual speaker cabinet. It is comprised of resistive, inductive, and capacitive elements, and has each of its various elements
arranged in empirically derived proportions so as to generate the exact response a popular 8 ohm 4×12 speaker cabinet presents at the output of a guitar or bass amplifier. As a result,
the Reactive Load is able to produce the same non-linear impedance vs frequency characteristics as a typical speaker cabinet. The amplifier then responds exactly as it would to a
real speaker cabinet. The signal produced at the Line Out is then an electrical duplicate of the signal the amp normally delivers to a speaker. Even more impressively, it results in the
guitar retaining the same feel and dynamics.

Other specifications include:

  • Input Impedance : 8Ω
  • DI / Line Out Level: +4 dBu at 7 watts input, maximum level setting.
  • Balanced Line Output Impedance: 10KΩ
  • Unbalanced Line Output Impedance: 10KΩ
  • Maximum recommended input power: 100 Watts RMS
  • Dimensions: 8.8″ Width x 8.9″ Depth x 3.6″ Height
  • Weight: 6.6 lbs.
  • ROHS Compliant: Yes

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