Hold – Mayones Hydra Elite Pro 6 – Transparent Natural Satin

Serial Number: HF0000699
Weight: 6 lbs 9 oz

The Mayones Hydra Elite Pro 6 is a masterpiece of modern guitar craftsmanship, combining top-tier materials and cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled performance and aesthetics. This instrument is designed for the discerning musician who demands excellence in every aspect of their playing experience. The Hydra Elite Pro 6 is not just an instrument; it’s a statement of quality and artistry. Whether you’re on stage or in the studio, this guitar provides a seamless blend of playability, tone, and visual allure. Experience the pinnacle of guitar design with the Hydra Elite Pro 6.

Mayones Guitars & Basses, established in 1982, is a manufacturer of electric guitars and bass guitars, located in Gdańsk, Poland. They specialize in building handcrafted and custom instruments. Mayones instruments are truly handmade in a traditional luthier style accompanied with state-of-art technology and equipped with top class components. The result is always the same – a top notch instrument with soul and built-in inspiration. All Mayones instruments are 100% handcrafted.

Other specifications include:

  • Walnut Burl Top – Satin
  • Mahogany Khaya Body – Matte
  • 5 Ply Wenge & Purple Heart Neck – Matte
  • 4A Birdseye Maple Fingerboard – Matte
  • Radius – 16′′
  • 25.4″ – 27″ Multi-Scale
  • Ferd Wagner Stainless Steel Frets
  • Super Blue Side Dots with Black Piping
  • H-H / VF Pickup Configuration
  • Bare Knuckle Pickups Painkiller 6 Bridge & Neck Pickups
  • Mayones Treble Bleed Mod
  • Bourns Volume Control (Push/Pull)
  • 3-Way Pickup Selector
  • CSL Sophia 6 String Headless Tremolo Bridge Gold
  • Mayo Headpiece + Clamp
  • Graphtech Nut
  • Dome Wenge Top-matching Knob
  • Schaller Security Strap Locks Gold
  • Mayones Hybrid Case
  • 6 lbs 9 oz
  • #HF0000699

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