HOLD – Bourgeois Aged Tone Large Soundhole OM – Mahogany

Serial Number: 7764

Dana’s vision for the six Aged Tone models blends vintage appearance and Dana’s exclusive approac  to voicing with the new Aged Tone finish and the Aged Tone top . Our new Aged Tone tops are treated with a unique curing process. The commercial version of this process, known as, “thermo curing”, “wood torrefaction” or “roasting”, was developed in Finland to enhance durability and appearance of such products as siding, decking, and outdoor furniture. Commercial processing typically uses higher curing temperatures to maximize stability and rot resistance. Higher temperatures, however, can also sacrifice structural integrity. The process used to cure our Adirondack tops is a highly controlled, low-temperature variation of the basic commercial treatment. During processing, water, sugars, and resins are cooked off, leaving behind cellulose and lignum–the “glue” that binds cellulosic fibers together. Once processed, mass and weight are reduced, absolute stiffness is increased and internal damping is decreased;  stiffness-to-weight ratio and Velocity of Sound (the rate at which vibration transmits through solid material) are dramatically increased.  Our observations concur with industry research data, which reports increased stiffness at lower curing temperatures. It’s thought by at least one expert that low-temperature curing optimizes the distribution of lignum throughout the cellulosic structure, while higher temperatures break lignum down. The trick is to find the temperature and curing schedule that optimizes Velocity of Sound.  Like naturally cured spruce, Aged Tone tops are darker in color, opaque vs. translucent, highly stable when exposed to changes in humidity, and have a sweet, woody smell. These same changes naturally occur in spruce tonewoods after many decades of exposure to oxygen, UV radiation and other environmental elements.

Other specifications include:

  • Aged Tone Adirondack Spruce Top
  • Mahogany Back
  • Large Soundhole Ivoroid Rosette
  • Ivoroid Body Binding
  • Vintage Herringbone with Back Purfling
  • Zipper Backstrip
  • Mahogany Square Headstock Head Shape
  • Madagascar Rosewood Head Veneer
  • No Logo on Headstock Overlay, Decal on Back Head Inlay
  • 14/21 Fret Ebony Fretboard Wood
  • 1 3/4″ Nut Width
  • Ivoroid Fretboard Binding
  • Ivoroid Heelcap
  • Ivoroid Endpiece Inlay
  • Celluloid Large Soundhole Pickguard
  • 2 5/16″ Traditional Ebony Belly Bridge
  • Standard Label
  • Waverly Nickel with Oval Buttons Tuners
  • Animal Protein Glue
  • Aged Tone Body Finish
  • Satin with Toner Finish Headstock
  • Aged Tone Torrefied Bracing
  • Ebony with Pearl Dot Pins
  • Hard Case
  • #7764

For more information about the Bourgeois Aged Tone Large Soundhole OM Mahogany, please contact us.

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