Used – Bogner 112CP (2018)

Serial Number: 0883568
Weight: 40 lbs oz

Designed to replicate the sound and feel of our 4×12 cabinets we started with mathematical calculations to define the size and ports for matched frequency response, then used the same resonant construction of our 4×12 and fine tuned the cabinet by ear for a near perfect match.

Since the early 90’s these cabinets have replaced the stiff 80’s style units to become the industry standard for stereo and wet-dry-wet rigs as well as home recording, after all microphones think they face a 4×12.

Closed back with dual front ports, plenty of low end with nice bell like highs. Comes standard with a Celestion Vintage 30 at 16 ohm.

  • closed back
  • Celestion Vintage-30
  • 60 watts
  • 16 ohms
  • Height 17.5″ Width: 18.75″ Depth: 11.9″
  • Weight 40 lbs.
  • #0883568

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