BearFoot Candy Apple Fuzz Silver

The Candy Apple Fuzz is one of Bjorns first BJFe circuits (along with the BBOD and DRD) … it was made to cover the nastier side of vintage fuzzes and it does just that and more … over the years the one recurring request was to make it a bit smoother and more musically manageable ….. when it came time for the BearFoot version he did just that by adding a treble control to reign in the rasp as needed… and he also adjusted the circuit to germanium transitors, which are smoother and more musical to most ears….. BUT silicon has its own musicality and many just like the full on unruliness and extra rip of silicon ….. now you have a choice as we introduce the original silicon formula CAF …. Silver/Silicon         

For more information about the Bearfoot Candy Apple Fuzz Silver pedal, please contact us: 314-781-7500.

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