Victoria 518 – 1×8

Serial Number: 6646

The 518 is a tribute to the Fender 5F1 Champ from the 1950s. After 40 years, this little gem continues to delight players from being an outstanding practice and studio amp. This is a perfect choice for club dates when paired with an efficient external speaker cabinet. Did you know that the original ’50’s Champ has been the mainstay of many of the Stones recorded tracks for decades.

Other specifications include:

  • 5 Watts of Power
  • 5F1-type circuit, Single Ended Operation Cathode Bias Design
  • Tubes:1-5Y3, 1-6V6, 1-12AX7
  • Speaker: 1-Jensen P8R
  • #6646

For more information about the Victoria 518, please contact us at 314-781-7500.

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