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About Us

At Eddie's Guitar's, we have spent the last five decades building long term relationships with the finest guitar manufacturers in the industry. We remain very selective about the brands we carry, the models we stock and each individual guitar in our extensive inventory. We pride ourselves in keeping our inventory current and relevant, which allows us to serve clients all over the world.
We value our clients time, and for that reason we prefer that you structure a one-on-one appointment in our showroom, A knowledgeable member of our staff will be here to give you their undivided attention and assist you in finding the guitar or amplifier that best fits your needs. This process assures an educated selection for you, our valued client, as well as an opportunity for us to maintain the immaculate condition of our inventory 
While almost everyone agrees (us too) the best way to educate yourself is to actually play the guitars and experience them for yourself. As we have learned our customer base has grown from local to national and now to international in scope. As we recognize that many of our customers come to us through the internet, our staff has been extensively trained on how to communicate the minute details of our inventory. The staff at Eddie's Guitar's has an average of 22+ years in our industry and we are all well equipped to answer any question you may have regarding our extensive inventory.