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We got one! It’s been super-secret – and it is a game-changer!

Introducing the Suhr Discovery Analog Delay

From Suhr:

The long-standing mission of Suhr has been to bring the simplicity and tone of analog circuitry to today’s guitarists. The Suhr Discovery Analog Delay is the new revolutionary pedal, designed by Kevin Suhr.

The Discovery Analog Delay is the first of its kind, for Suhr and the world.

Retaining the tone, vibe, and creative inspiration of iconic analog delay units, yet adding the versatility of the most modern and expandable delay pedals available today.

The finest analog delay packed with 127 savable preset spaces, Tap Tempo, High/Low cut, with every parameter mappable to an expression pedal per preset, MIDI ins and outs, and every parameter you could ask for. That’s just the beginning.

The Suhr Discovery Analog Delay is a product that has been years in the making. We took our time with this one to make it as perfect as we could in the smallest package, full of features that include features no other analog delay has.

We knew we wanted an amazing bucket brigade-style analog delay. We also knew that having only one setting was not enough for the endless amounts of sounds that could be achieved. That is why we allowed you to save up to 127 presets, recallable via MIDI. All knobs are programmable for each preset, and can also be controlled individually via MIDI. We didn’t stop there. We allowed you to program the expression pedal differently for every preset to control every knob in any direction desired. We didn’t stop there. We allowed you to dump all your presets to a MIDI Sysex file for backup on a computer. You can even transfer presets between units.

For more information about the Suhr Pedal, please contact us.

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