Haussel 1959 N Neck Nickel Aged

The Häussel 1959 contains the still highly desirable and legendary PAF sound. After long development, many comparisons and extensive testing –
these variants have been decided upon. Made with the original wire, properly sized and charged magnets, with optimally matched winding – this pickup impresses with its silky tone.

Woody warm, in chords, cleanly separating strings and airy, yet nasally and not too dense. The very pleasant sweet treble register makes every note a delicacy, lets every solo become a feast for one’s ears. At the same time, the 1959 smacks along powerfully with every attack and tips into harmonic overtones and feedbacks at any time without effort. A humbucker with a very large potential and exactly “the” pickup – when it comes to the authentic, vintage PAF sound.

Vintage humbucker from the famous German pickup factory. 4-conductor. Screws, springs and wiring diagram included. Features original pickup wire and magnets with the original dimensions.

Other specifications include:

  • Magnet: Alnico 5
  • Output wire: 4-conductor
  • Polepiece-Spacing: 49mm
  • DC-Resistance: 7,5kOhm


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