Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition Stratocaster Josefina Hand Wound 60’s Pickups

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Josefina Campos has worked at Fender since 1991, but the roots of her story go back to the 1950s, when the company was officially founded by Leo Fender.

Josefina’s Fender journey began on the floor in the Corona, Calif., factory, sanding guitar bodies by hand. Then, she was physically loading those bodies on the conveyer belt to head to the paint room to receive one of Fender’s famous finishes.

But eventually, she found herself standing next to the legendary pickup winder Abigail Ybarra, who had learned the craft from Leo Fender himself and was the main steward carrying on his time-honored and time-tested techniques.

Josefina saw a new opportunity, one that would further the hand-crafted tradition of Fender’s process of building high-quality and beloved instruments, and wanted to learn from the latest master.

She asked, and Ybarra answered.

“When she was thinking [about] retirement, they made an opening, and I applied,” said Josefina. “I thank God she picked me. And she started teaching me everything she knew. She wanted to do it exactly the same, and that’s what I do now. I’ll do it exactly like she taught me, just like Leo did.”

True, Ybarra had spent nearly six decades at Fender, learning how to wind pickups by hand and creating some of Fender’s most popular instruments played by the likes of Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan … the list goes on and on.

Ybarra passed all that knowledge down to Josefina, who apprenticed for years before assuming her current role as Master Pickup Winder at the Fender Custom Shop, effectively making her one of the most sought-after talents in the business.

The Hand-Wound Fat ’60’s Strat pickups are outfitted with beveled alnico 2 magnets, which offer warm lows, rich midrange and mellow highs, capturing the sound of aged pickups from the early ’60s for luscious vintage-inspired tones. The middle pickup is also reverse-wound reverse-polarity for superior hum cancelation. The overwound design gives these pickups added low-end punch for an extra shot of modern attitude.

Only 90 sets produced globally!

Other specifications include:

  • Part # 0992285000

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