Calton Fender Telecaster Case – Teal with Light Splatter Yellow, Pink, White Exterior/Pink Interior

Serial Number: 22100708

Over 50 years of experience, research & development has led to the premier luxury hard case in the industry. Every part of a Calton Case is engineered to keep your instrument safe for a lifetime.

Instruments in Calton Cases are protected from temperature shock. The instrument gradually adjust to the outside temperature. It take about 5 hours to adjust to 30 degrees rapid change.

Our reinforced and reliable fiberglass shell offers layer upon layer of security and protection for everything from punctures and impacts to weather and temperature.

Drops, falls and stage dives don’t stand a chance: your instrument is secure for impacts from up to 9 ft.

Sturdy steel latches surrounded by snug, durable rubber bumpers ensure your latches can take the abuse, stay shut and last in every environment.

Life aboard a touring van is a dangerous place for a guitar. So is being under one: our advanced design and quality materials are made to withstand up to 1100 lbs of pressure.

Other specifications include:

  • Reinforced Multi-Layer Fiberglass Shell
  • Premium Velvet Interior
  • Nickel Plated Steel Latches and D-rings
  • Rubber Latch Bumpers and Corner Bumpers
  • Hand Stitched Leather Handle
  • Made in the USA in Austin, TX
  • Custom fit for the specified instrument
  • Road-ready latches protected by rubber bumpers
  • Padded pick box for storage
  • Neck guide suspends headstock in case
  • Guitar shown in photos not included
  • 22100708

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