Suhr Limited Edition Classic T Paulownia – Trans Shell Pink

Serial Number: JS5G0D
Weight: 6 lbs 2 oz

Do you remember Purple Rain? Remember the female group that caught Prince’s (And Morris’s) attention? Paulownia 6. They had that hit ‘Sex Shooter’. Yeah. Rewriting pop culture history right here at Eddies. We got you.

And we got an amazing Suhr Limited Edition Classic T Paulownia in Transparent Shell Pink – hot!

Let’s start here:

Paulownia wood is very light, fine-grained, and warp-resistant. It is the fastest-growing hardwood. It is used for chests, boxes, and clogs. The wood is burned to make charcoal for sketching and powder for fireworks, the bark is made into a dye.

AND – it turns out, it is an AMAZING tone wood. And unique! Especially with that awesome pink transparency!

Enough about the wood, here’s a couple other great build elements of this axe:
– Super comfortable Even C Slim neck profile with a 10″-14″ inch radius and rolled stainless steel frets – smooth!
– Wilkinson 3 saddle classic T-Bridge – solid!
– Classic-T pickups with SSCII electronics that create all the T spank you want without the noise – loud! (Er, quiet?!)

So, come and play with our affection, cuz we’re shootin’ love in your direction with some shell pink Paulownia (6) !

Other specifications include:

  • Paulownia body, 2 – Piece
  • Hand only contour
  • Roasted Maple neck
  • Satin Finish
  • Even “C” Slim neck profile (.800″ – .880″)
  • 10″-14″ Radius
  • Fingerboard Roll Standard
  • Tusq nut
  • Heavy stainless-steel 22 frets
  • Wilkinson 3-saddle classic T bridge
  • 1.650 Nut width
  • Chrome hardware
  • Suhr Locking tuners
  • Black Satin guard
  • Classic T Neck pickup chrome
  • Classic-T Bridge pickup
  • Volume, Tone, 3-way blade
  • Electronic SSCII
  • Hard Case
  • 6 lbs 2 oz
  • JS5G0D

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