Nik Huber Piet – Gloss Onyx Black

Serial Number: 34458
Weight: 7 lbs 6 oz

The Piet brings together everything great about offset models from across the decades: the classic but overlooked originals of the ‘60s, their revival by the grunge and indie icons of the ‘90s, their current central place in emerging genres. Guitars that have always been adopted by the next generation, by experimenters and those working outside of the box, they’ve long been the choice for those in search of the new. So legacy alone isn’t enough. Combining that charm with exacting craftsmanship, precision parts, unrivalled tonal versatility and the smoothest feel, the Piet takes this style of guitar somewhere fresh.

Not just a statement about the evolution of Nik’s craft, this is also a highly personal model, named after his youngest son. It’s another sign that this is a guitar for the new generation, and it’s already found its way into the hands of top young players from across neo soul, jazz, hip hop, alt-rock and pop. Crafted by our team of top German luthiers, this ain’t your dad’s pawn shop offset.

Other features include:

  • Body Wood Red Alder
  • Neck Wood Maple
  • Fret Board East Indian Rosewood
  • Fret Board Inlays Silver Rings (Sterling Silver)
  • Pickguard Tortoise Brushed
  • Neck Shape Std. Piet
  • Bridge Master M1/ MV – Offset
  • Tuners Gotoh 510 Open Gear
  • Tuner Buttons Tulip / Keystone
  • Knobs Top Hat Black / Silver Brushed
  • Pickups P-90 Foil Style
  • Backplate Tortoise Brushed
  • Setup 010 – 046
  • Hard Case
  • 7 lbs 6 oz
  • 34458

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