James Trussart JT Deluxe Steelcaster – Cream/Red Roses

Serial Number: 21112
Weight: 7 lbs 12 oz

The James Trussart Steelcaster is truly a unique instrument with a single-cut steel body and a maple neck. The hollow-body, steel guitar produces tones unmatched from any other electric guitar. With the combination of Arcane Inc pickups and the metal hollow-body, the guitar produces thick, resonant tones. The cutting-edge sound delivered by the Steelcaster is something everyone must hear!

Other specifications include:

  • ’62 Stained Maple Neck with Rosewood fretboard
  • Arcane Tele Single Bridge Pickup
  • Arcane Twin Tele Neck Pickup
  • Split on Tone Knob
  • Perforated Back
  • 7 lbs 12 oz
  • #21112

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