Mr. Black Pana-Trem

A beautiful true-stereo harmonic-tremolo & panner featuring standard and panning modes of operation, fully independent left and right audio paths with an especially sweet & tonally rich pre-amp built right into each channel of the pedal.

A preset can be saved by pressing the Save button and activated/de-activated by pressing the Preset foot-switch.

Any standard expression pedal can be assigned to any, or all, of the control knobs on the fly, by simply connecting the expression pedal of choice to the EXP jack and turning the desired control all the way up to the blue dot.
True-stereo circuit featuring two fully independent audio paths
Specially tuned “Sweet’ner” pre-amps on each channel
Pulser (standard) and Panner (ping-pong) tremolo modes of operation
Standard Tremolo & Harmonic Vibrato as well as all shades in between tuned to user taste, via the Shift control
Super easy to use preset save/recall
Optional expression control input assignable to any and all controls on the fly
Compact design (3.7″ x 4.7″)
Industry standard 9VDC pedal-board and daisy chain friendly power
(~69mA draw)

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