Morgan MKII Fuzz

Sometimes you just need a fuzz that says I’M A FUZZ!!! The MKII is based around the Tone Bender circuit with 3 germanium transistors, it’s a FUZZ!! In early 2015 Joe moved his production into a facility that has had over a 30 year history in building electronics. It is a HUGE facility in Los Angeles and has a ton of nooks and crannies. In one of these hiding places he found a large batch of forgotten NKT275 transistors. Joe is using 3 hand selected NKT275 transistors on this project! These transistors have been selected to recreate that classic “Spirit In The Sky” tone (young people google this). Totally decadent and unapologetic fuzz tone. This pedal will also be limited to the amount of transistors we have in stock, when they are gone they are gone! Get yours today.

Other specifications include:

  • Classic tone bender MkII design
  • Vintage germanium transistors
  • Hand selected and matched components
  • True bypass
  • Hand Built in Los Angeles, CA
  • 4.37 x 2.37 x 1.07

For more information about the Morgan MKII Fuzz, please contact us.

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