Spaceman Polaris – Black/Limited to 222 Units

“POLARIS shines on amazing medium-gain overdrive sounds with a broad set of tonal controls that are masterfully interfaced. 4 out of 6 controls on Polaris are focused on tonal response and Polaris features a versatile filter section. The BASS control offers 3 low-end management settings while DEPTH more broadly applies 3 distinct filter profiles which can all be swept with expression. The unfiltered signal before the filter section is always on tap in the mix using the INITIAL knob. Layering these two signal paths together allows for some powerfully dynamic EQ curves that have multiple tonal targets. We expect Spaceman fans will be delighted with this wheelhouse favorite. We’ve been so impressed with our preview units here.

Limited to 222 pieces.

For more information about the Spaceman Polaris, please contact us.
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