Skreddy Hybrid Fuzz Driver

Clarity, snap, twang, and sparkle married with a rich, organic, "brown sound" distortion; sounds like a cranked late 60’s non-master-volume British amp.

Works great with all types of pickups though it was designed with PAF-style humbuckers in mind. Truly stellar with single coils too!  I intended to make it sound like Jimmy Page’s Marshall 1959SLP for Led Zeppelin’s live tones, but in so doing I happened to nail pretty much every other classic rock tone there is, from Gilmour to EVH, with notable stops in SRV and Trower land.  Even does metal if you feed it with hot EMG pickups, same as you’d expect a cranked Marshall to do.

Engaging and touch sensitive, the Hybrid Fuzz Driver brings your guitar tone to life! Has a treble-boosted flavor.  Distorts with a creamy voice yet retains your guitar’s essential nature, preserving tightness and airiness across the full range of settings. Aggressive but not too fuzzy in high-gain mode; articulate boost in low-gain mode. Clean up with guitar volume is phenomenal, predictable and smooth.


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