BearFoot Sparkling Yellow Overdrive 2

Early American tones – Tweed – Plexi – Blonde – Brownface … not just the sound but the feel as well …. SY1 is brighter with more headroom especially good into a British voiced amp/speaker – great for pushing a British amp into overdrive and distortion — or capable of making the distortion itself into a clean amp … The SY2 is voiced more for running into American amps/speakers ~ not as bright and a little more compression …. And they are also voiced to be used into each other SY1 into SY2 covers a huge amount of ground. Volume and Drive controls are standard – the M and T controls are a very versatile EQ section that can also be used as an EQ with the drive down …… the M control is for Low Mids and helps cover the various cabinets and speakers you find from Deluxes up thru Showman and Bassman configurations… and the M controls is pre distortion so it also effects the saturation of the drive and will push past the vintage tones into blooming distortion and even fuzz like tones ….  and finally the post distortion Treble control to get the sound just right ……     Voltage 5 – 15v  to vary the headroom 

For more information about the Bearfoot Sparkling Yellow Overdrive 2 pedal, please contact us: 314-781-7500.

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