Suhr Andy Wood Signature Woodshed Compressor

If you don’t know who Andy Wood is then you need to get to YouTube right now and gasp at this finger wizard. Taste, tone, and chops galore. Read the snipet below from Suhr about this amazing signature compression pedal in it’s nice small footprint. Then get you one today!

Together, Kevin Suhr and Andy Wood have built a compressor that is the foundation of some of Andy’s favorite tones. As you know, Andy plays in multiple musical environments and this small compressor echos his versatility. The conception of the Suhr Woodshed Comp was to make something unique and with more character than the commonly used compressors on the market. Compressors are like overdrives; they all have different flavors and do different things. With the Woodshed Comp, the main goals were to provide compression while maintaining the tone and transients of the guitar, without being as temperamental as vintage pedals. Don’t let its size fool you. The tonal characteristics of this tiny pedal can only be eclipsed by its durability.

Other specifications include:

  • Built In The USA
  • VCA Compressor, Tailored Towards And Studio-Type Schematic
  • Designed In Collaboration With Andy Wood
  • Feed-Forward Gain Reduction
  • Soaring Sustain, Without The Need To Push Your Amp Gain Too High
  • Incredible Headroom Allows You To Use As A Boost
  • Clean And Clear Compression With No Loss Of Transients Or Character
  • Small Dimensions: 1.82”(W) X 3.85”(D) X 1.89”(H)

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