Mr. Black Stereo Vintage Ensemble

A beautiful expansion of our coveted Vintage Ensemble classic chorus/vibrato pedal, featuring a true-stereo audio path with standard and spatial-expansion modes, accessible on the fly via the Normal/Stereo foot-switch.

The real magic lies within the Stereo mode, which applies a clever application of complimentary modulated delay times to both the left and right channels further increasing the stereo spread via the Haas effect.  You’ve never heard chorus like this before.
True-Stereo audio path
Full Wet/Dry mix control
Carefully tuned delay times match those of the OG chorus circuit
~68mA current draw (daisy-chain friendly)
9VDC “industry standard” power
Easy expression-pedal connection/assignment
Compact footprint (4.7″ x 3.7″)

A standard expression pedal can be applied on-the-fly to any and all of the control knobs by simply turning the control to the red dot marker.
Expression pedal connection:
Tip – Wiper
Ring – High
Sleeve – Ground

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