Fodera Yin Yang 5 Standard Blister Maple

Serial Number: YY5S099
Weight: 9 lbs 2 oz

The Yin Yang 5 Standard is a continuation of the signature design and sound of the Yin Yang Series.

The Yin Yang 5 Standard features a blister maple top that set on the right half of the Yin Yang pattern, and a ebony fingerboard creating a truly unique look. It also features an mahogany body, 3-piece maple neck and the signature Fodera Satin finish. This bass has a warmer tone than its predecessors due to the Ebony fingerboard, but maintains the bright punch tone that the Yin Yang Series is known for.

The electronics package includes a set of EMG P/J pickups and our proprietary Fodera/Pope 3-Band Preamp. The Yin Yang 5 Standard was designed with a meticulously chosen set of build specifications and is hand crafted in our Brooklyn, NY shop to ensure that legendary Fodera playability and tone.

Other specifications include:

  • Chambered Mahogany Body
  • 3-Piece Maple Neck w/ Ebony Fingerboard
  • Blister Maple Wood Top w/ Black Painted Yin Yang
  • EMG P/J Pickups
  • 34-Inch Scale, 24 Large Frets, 4 or 5 Strings
  • Black Hardware
  • Fodera / Pope 3-Band Standard Preamp
  • Hard Case
  • 9 lbs 2 oz
  • #YY5S099

For more information about this Fodera bass, please contact us.

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