Ernie Ball Music Man BFR StingRay Retro ’76 – ’76 Burst/#37 of 100

Serial Number: CB00053
Weight: 9 lbs 7 oz

The rich history of the modern electric bass guitar is rooted in the 20th-century “Golden Era” of instrument manufacturing. During this time, guitar and bass manufacturing pioneers produced legendary solid body concepts, crafting some of the world’s most beloved Instrument designs. In celebration of these time-honored designs, we bring you the BFR Stingray Retro ’76. The all-new Stingray Retro ’76 is loaded with many vintage-inspired specifications celebrating Music Man’s 70’s era of American craftsmanship. This Stingray BFR edition features a beautiful nitro-finished 3-tone Sunburst ash body with vast black, yellow, and red swatches, capturing the look and feel of Music Man’s flagship 4-string bass. A faithful reproduction, this retro edition bass reproduces the Stingray’s original specifications, including an Alnico-loaded humbucking pickup, 2-band preamp, 21-fret 3-Bolt maple neck with micro-tilt adjustment, and a strings-thru-the-body-bridge with adjustable mute pads. Overall a classic feeling and sounding vintage-inspired instrument that offers the best of old-world craftsmanship with contemporary playability and reliability. The BFR Stingray Retro ’76 bass comes with a period correct tolex case, certificate of authenticity and is limited to 100 pieces worldwide.

Additional specifications include:

  • Model StingRay Retro 
  • Size 13-1/2″ wide x 1-5/8″ thick x 44-7/8″ long (34.3 cm wide, 4.1 cm thick, 114.0 cm long) 
  • Body Wood Ash 
  • Body Finish Nitrocellulose (See additional notes below) 
  • Body Colors 76 burst 
  • Body Bindings N/A 
  • Bridge Pre-EB Geometry Music Man® chrome plated, steel bridge plate with vintage stainless steel saddles 
  • Pickguard 3 ply – White/Black/White 
  • Scale Length 34″ (86.4 cm) 
  • Neck Radius 7.5″ (19.1 cm) 
  • Headstock Size 8-3/4″ (22.2 cm) long 
  • Frets 21 – Low profile, wide, nickel 
  • Neck Width 1.686″ (4.282 cm) at nut; 2.466″ (6.264 cm) at last fret 
  • Neck Wood Maple 
  • Fingerboard Maple 
  • Fret Markers 5/16″ Dot 
  • Neck Finish Nitrocellulose (See additional notes below) 
  • Neck Colors Slight yellow tint 
  • Neck Binding N/A 
  • Tuning Machines Schaller Bass 
  • Truss Rod Bullet truss rod adjustment at headstock 
  • Neck Attachment 3 Bolt, Pre EB Music Man Design with Micro-Tilt Neck Shim Adjustment 
  • Controls Custom 2-band active preamp; vol, treble, bass 
  • Pickups Vintage style alnico humbucking pickup with long alnico 5 magnets and wound with original single poly-nylon wire. 
  • Left Handed No 
  • Strings 45w-65w-80w-100w (Super Slinky Bass #2834) 
  • 9lbs 7oz
  • #CB00053

Nitrocellulose Lacquer, or simply “Nitro,” is a coveted paint finish in the guitar world due to its beautiful aging qualities, its effect on the tone of the instrument, and its period-correct properties for the golden age of guitars. In many ways, Nitro is a more organic substance than modern Polyester and Urethane paints, and the lacquer drying process results in a thinner coating. For these reasons, it is therefore believed by the vintage guitar community that the inherent resonance of the wood is allowed to shine through best with Nitro. The distinct properties of this finish are important to understand as a Nitro instrument owner for maintenance and care purposes.

Every material used on a guitar will expand and contract with temperature and humidity fluctuations, but the wood will have the most drastic rate of movement. When the change in temperature happens quickly, the Nitro paint can crack or “check” because it will not expand or contract as quickly as the wood. Over time wood loses its moisture and shrinks, which can also cause the Nitro to sink into the wood grain or glue seams.

Similar to every piece of wood, every Nitrocellulose Lacquer paint job has its own unique characteristics. The environment in which these instruments live and the attention by the owner will determine how they age.

Chemical reactions will occur if the Nitro is brought in contact with certain Silicone, Vinyl, Plastic, or Rubber products. Be very careful to use the correct type of wall hangers, guitar stands, and guitar polishes to avoid degradation of the finish. Nitro disclaimers will usually be attached to guitar products/accessories for this very reason.


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