Alembic Rogue – Redwood

Serial Number: Q14772
Weight: 9 lbs 6 oz

Perhaps a little playfully mischievous, the Rogue bass is befitting of its moniker. Sweeping and dramatic curves define the body shape, complimented by extended contours at the elbow and tummy carvings.

The longest upper horn in our standard offerings, it reaches clear to the twelfth fret. There’s no way you’ll find the Rogue even slightly neck-heavy, even in configurations of six or more strings. And thanks to the bridge position, the reach to the first fret is closer than our traditional Standard Point body design.

Other specifications include:

  • Long Scale 34″
  • Nut 1.875″, 24th 2.930″
  • Fretted
  • Ebony Fretboard
  • Mother of Pearl Oval Inlays
  • Top Laminate Curly Redwood
  • Accent Woods Purpleheart – Maple
  • Body Wood Mahogany
  • Neck Woods Maple – Purpleheart
  • Polyester Gloss Finish
  • Side LEDs Red + Amber
  • Continuous Wood Backplated
  • Beveled Front & Back of Peghead
  • Custom Rogue Body w/ Gentle Omega
  • Volume, Pan, Filters, Bass + Treble cut/flat/boost, Q Switch, 1/4″ Output, On/Off for LEDs
  • Hard Case
  • 9 lbs 6 oz
  • #Q14772

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