Alembic Mark King Signature Deluxe Buckeye Burl – Resin Top Red River

Serial Number: MK14895
Weight: 10 lbs 8 oz

Featuring the traditional construction details of the Series I and Series II basses, the Signature Deluxe is a natural platform for designing your own custom build. Most of the Signature basses you’ll find in stock at our dealers are the Balance K body shape. This shape balances perfectly even in 5- and 6-string versions, extended scale lengths, and is very comfortable on or off strap.

Signature electronics produce an accurate representation of the string movement, with even the most subtle fingering techniques shining through. Thoughtful phrasing is rewarded, and you’ll be able to communicate your musical ideas more completely. Both the Standard and Deluxe models have the exact same pickups and electronics: volume, pan, and a separate filter and Q for each pickup. This gives you the flexibility to mix two entirely different sounds from each pickup, and create a tone that is unique. There’s also a separate preamp for each pickup – so set the pickup height to where you like it for comfort or tone, and then adjust the gain with a trimpot inside the electronics cavity. Customize your sound at will!

While the main body wood on both models is Mahogany, the construction differs. On the Deluxe, the body core is Mahogany, with a top and back in Quilted Maple, Coco Bolo, or any other wood of your choice. Accent laminates in contrasting woods provide a classic Alembic detail. For the Standard model, there is no back laminate. The woods you choose for the body will impact the tone, but the neck is the dominant tone-defining wood feature. The Maple of the neck sets the stage for the overall sound of the Signature bass and delivers consistent and even tone, with piano-like clarity. We add Purpleheart laminates to the Signature Deluxe neck for greater stiffness and attack.

We take inspiration from custom instruments we have built, and package the most enduring features into models that reflect Alembic basses played by many highly regarded recording artists. The Stanley Clarke was our first Signature model, followed later by the Mark King Deluxe.

The Mark King Signature Deluxe is fashioned after Mark’s personal Series II basses. These models feature a long or medium scale with the classic (or your own custom) fingerboard taper, front and back body laminates, and the classic Alembic Standard Point body shape.

Other specifications include:

  • Long Scale 34″
  • Nut 1.65″
  • Fretted
  • Ebony Fretboard
  • Silver & Mother of Pearl logo and Abalone Inlays
  • Top Laminate Buckey Resin
  • Accent Woods Mahogany and Maple
  • Body Wood Mahogany
  • Neck Woods Maple – Purpleheart
  • Polyester Gloss Finish
  • Side LEDs Green + Violet
  • Continuous Wood Backplated
  • Volume, blend, filters for bass and treble pickups, Q-Switches for bass and treble pickups
  • Hard Case
  • 10 lbs 8 oz
  • #MK14895

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