Morgan RCA 35 – Head Black Cocoa

Serial Number: 3151015

Ok, so a good customer asks for a clean head room amp in a small head shell with a good master volume. I had a couple of ideas and this is the realization of that tone. A small light weight 35 watt full tone stack amp that just kicks ass. Chimey cleans, plenty of volume can get that edge of breakup tones at low volumes or can also be a great jazz amp.

Other specifications include:

  • Mercury Transformers
  • 2x 12AX7
  • 2x 5881 (can use 6v6, 6l6, KT66, KT77, 5881)
  • GZ34 Rectifier
  • Volume, bass, mid, treb, and a master
  • 4, 8, 16 ohm speaker outputs.
  • Dimensions – Head – 17w 9.75h 7.5d
  • #03151015

For more information about the Morgan RCA35, please contact us.

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