Morgan 30/800 – Head Black Cocoa

Serial Number: 030215B

Formerly known as the MV3.8K, this amp combines the classic voicing of Vox AC30 with the grind of the JCM800. This amp is really a swiss army knife of tones. It has a mode switch on the back panel that allows you to choose between my take on the classic AC30 top boost circuit and a much higher gain voicing,imagine if a JCM800 and an AC30 had a bastard love child. The 30/800 goes from sweet jangly cleans all the way through hair metal. Even at the highest gain levels your clean tone is only a turn of your guitars volume knob away

Other specifications include:

  • 30 and 800 gain modes
  • Master volume
  • Hi and low inputs
  • Custom Mercury Magnetics transformers
  • hand made hand selected coupling caps
  • 4x EL84
  • 3x 12AX7
  • GZ34 rectified
  • Dimensions –
  • Head – 24w 9.75h 7.5d
  • 030215B

For more information about the Morgan 30/800, please contact us.

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