Fuchs ODS-II – 50 – Head

Serial Number: 3703
The ODS represents Andy Fuchs’ goal to take over 15 years of design evolution and customer feedback on the original Overdrive Supreme platform into the next millennium.

The ODS-II captures all the tones that made the original Fuchs ODS amps
legendary, but allows massive tonal flexibility via totally separate clean and
overdrive channels, each with their own dedicated tone controls, mid and gain boosts, and master volumes.

Despite this tremendous range, the ODS-II is still an easy to operate amp.

Channel one gives tones from California style cleans to Classic rock grind.

Channel two covers all that channel one offers but with over-the-top near-shred levels of gain as well.

The amp has a deep, lush digital reverb with level and decay controls, and a global master and accent control.

The rear panel features dual FX loops, digital bias monitoring with external bias controls for each tube, and 5 speaker outputs.

The ODS-II is built on a fan cooled, aircraft grade aluminum chassis which
includes hi/low/off fan switches. Available in all global voltages.

Embraced by players as diverse as Al Di Meola, Warren Haynes, Jimmy Herring, Jake Cinninger, Luther Dickinson to country artists like The Zac Brown Band’s Coy Bowles, the ODS® has truly become a classic product on the landscape of stages worldwide.

Other specifications include:

  • 6L6’s
  • Regulated DC tube filaments, DC operated fan, all aluminum chassis construction. Mix of PCB and PTP wiring.
  • Custom wound US Made power transformer, output transformer, and choke. Fuchs® standard ODS® “through chassis” cooling via 90-MM DC fan (no hum induced).
  • Two fully independent channels EACH featuring: Input gain (pull gain boost works independent of tone controls which remain working in boost mode), high (pull mid boost), mid (pull mid boost frequency), 3-Position brite switch two frequencies plus off.
  • Deep Switch (low frequency enhance), 3-Position EQ switch (high gain rock mode), low gain Jazz mode, center position tone stack bypass.
  • Channel one is a low-medium gain channel with dedicated master volume.
  • Channel-II is a medium high gain channel with drive, level and tone controls for overdrive.
  • Global master volume and global Accent control.
  • Front panel mounted power off, standby and on.
  • Studio grade digital reverb based on Spin Technology 16-Bit processor with level and dwell controls.
  • Rear panel features AC IEC inlet, AC and DC fuses, LCD Digital Bias display with external bias adjustments and rotary tube selector allowing independent bias adjustment and direct current readouts for each tube.
  • Dual FX Loops: One standard Fuchs® style loop for pedal or line level devices and series or parallel options. One series only loop for insert of signal processors, volume controls.
  • 4-ohm, 8-ohm, and 16 ohm outputs.
  • #3703

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