Carol Ann Triptik 50 – Head

Serial Number: 151003

The Carol-Ann Triptik 50 is super versatile. It features a 50 watt amp with a separate EQ, so that you can get the exact tones you want. It delivers dynamic clean tones, and the drive channel varies from smooth to mudded. The third channel is a high-gain overdrive channel. The powerful head delivers huge tones, in an array of styles.

Other specs include:

    EL34  Output Tubes
    3 x 12X7, 1 x 5751
    Global Input Level
    Channel A (clean): Bass, Middle, Treble
    Channel B & C (overdriven): Bass, Middle, Treble
    Channel B: Drive Level & Classic/Modern Switch
    Channel C: Drive Level & Classic/Modern Switch
    Lead Master Control For B&C
    Lead Master: Footswitchable Lead Master Volume for OD Channels
    Global Presence: Effects all channels
    3 Button Footswitch: Clean/OD, B/C and Lead Master with LEDs.
    Tube Driven Effects Loop

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