Marshall 1958X – 2×10

Serial Number: 2013-44-0100-2

An 18 Watt combo featuring two Celestion 10” G10-F15 Speakers. Essentially a 2×10” version of the classic 1974X, the amp features 3xECC83 and 2xEL84 valves, an EZ81 valve rectifier, valve driven tremolo, Volume & Tone controls, and two channels (Normal & Tremolo) each with high/low inputs.

Other specifications include:

  • Handwired Tag Board Circuits
  • Tremolo Feature (footswitch included with all models)
  • Vintage Toggle Switches, power indicators and cosmetic styling
  • Handwired in the UK
  • Voltage and Impedance Selector Switch
  • Volume, Tone Control and 2 channels
  • 24kg
  • 665mm high, 945mm wide, 315mm deep
  • #2013-44-0100-2 

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