Louis Electric Buster – 1×12

Serial Number: 5242018

The Buster is based on a 5E3 tweed Deluxe. As you would expect, it covers the sparkling highs and smooth midrange, and has a solid low end that never loses its poise. The Buster has astonishing headroom and plays as a full-sized single 12″ tube amp with 35-40 watts.

The Buster features a custom transformer, fixed bias system, Jupiter (12LC) speaker, STR 6L6 tubes, two 12AX7 preamp tubes and 3 input jacks. The amp has two channels – Bright and Normal. A switch has also been added to provide the player with increased gain.  The channels can be bridged for maximum tonal sculpting. Onetone knob serves the whole amp. Despite its size and relatively low price, the Buster has all the quality components and design work of any Louis Electric amplifier.

The Louis Electric Buster is designed to provide the classic 6V6/6L6 sound with a relatively low, useable 18W 6V6 output or 28W 6L6 output. From quiet practice at home, to rehearsal to gigs at small to medium venues — grab it and go because the Buster does it all.

Other specification include:

  • Classification: AB1, fixed bias
  • Power output: 18W 6V6 output or 28W 6L6 output
  • Speaker: Jupiter (12LC)
  • Speaker load: 8 ohms
  • Controls: 2 volume, 1 tone
  • Three input with a gain switch
  • Pre Amp Tubes: 2-12AX7
  • Output Tubes: 2-6L6GC
  • Rectifier: 1-5AR4
  • Height: 16″, Width: 20″
  • Weight: 35 lbs.
  • Eyelet Terminal board construction
  • Hand Selected caps and resistors
  • Custom designed hand built transformers
  • Belton tube sockets
  • Switchcraft and Carling input jacks and switches
  • High quality machine grade fasteners
  • Moisture free circuit board
  • 5242018


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