Longbeard Li’l Jake – 1×12

The best just got even better!

On the heels of our first successful commercial release of the limited run ‘Tritone’  comes the Li’l Jake.  The Li’l Jake is the exact same circuit as the original Tritone but with an added pull boost on the volume knob to increase gain and mids should you need it.  It still answers the original question: “What would be the perfect club and studio amp that could cover most all bases for blues, country, roots rock/Americana?”

Pound-for-pound, the blackface Princeton Reverb™ is hard to beat, but it simply lacks the power and girth to make it in a club with a loud drummer. From there we set out to design a Princeton-inspired combo that not only boosted the power and girth of the original, but greatly improved it’s overall tone and versatility.

After spending the better part of a year tweaking and re-tweaking the result is a hybrid amp that combines the voice and portability of the Princeton Reverb™, with the power and girth of a Deluxe Reverb™ and a British drive when opened up.


  • 20 Watts of Class AB Power
  • Weber Vintage Series Ferromax Speaker
  • Hand-wired, Point-To-Point
  • 6V6 power tubes
  • 12AX7 (3x) and 12AT7 preamp tubes
  • 5U4 rectifier
  • Spring Reverb with dwell control
  • Bias modulated tremolo
  • “Soul” control to switch from “Tight (blackface)” to “Loose (tweed)”
  • Pull gain/mid boost on volume control
  • Mallory™ and Sprague™ capacitors

For more information about the Longbeard Li’l Jake Combo, please contact us.

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