Headstrong Lil King Reverb Black – 1×12

Serial Number: 349

The Headstrong Lil King Reverb is the epitome of a classic amplifier. It’s the best replica of the 1964 Princeton Reverb, one of the most famous amps of all time, because of the bold Blackface tones that it delivers. The Lil King Reverb is no different. With a more defined bottom end and an efficient 12″ speaker, you won’t be disappointed with the sounds you get from this amplifier. This particular model comes in black tolex and is powered by 6V6’s. It’s perfect for your house, the studio, or the stage. Be sure to check it out.

Other features include:

  • Black Tolex
  • 1X12 Combo
  • 6V6’s
  • 12 Watts
  • #349
For more information on the Headstrong Lil King Reverb, contact us.

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