Headstrong Eddie’s Guitars Exclusive Lil King X Black/Tan – 1×12

Serial Number: 557XE

The Lil King X came about when a well known 7 string guitarist/bassist asked for an amp that would fall between the stock Lil King and the tighter, cleaner, more powerful Lil King S. So the Lil King X was born. There are a few ways to get the stock LK to 18 watts, this version has the stock power transformer with a larger output transformer, short bottle TAD 6L6wgc power tubes and a voltage boost across the pre amp to clean it up a hair.  We think you’ll hear the difference and see that the X is really a perfect fit between the two models.

Available only at Eddie’s Guitars!

Other features include:

  • 18 watts
  • 6L6 tubes
  • Larger output transformer
  • 12” eminence GA-SC64 speaker
  • Green pilot light
  • Lil king/PR size cabinet
  • #557XE

For more information on the Headstrong Eddie’s Guitars Exclusive Lil King Reverb, contact us.

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