Bad Cat Classic Pro 20R – 1×12 Ostrich Tuxedo

Serial Number: 0118029

The Classic Pro R is the 6V6 / 6L6 powered amplifier Bad Cat enthusiasts have been begging us to build for years. This blackface beauty is the latest addition to the USA Player Series.

This Classic Pro is expertly hand-built by our team in our Southern California shop using the same components and materials as our point-to-point Legacy Series amps.

Incorporating Bad Cat’s patented K Master circuit the amplifier offers big headroom, beautiful string to string note definition, incredible smooth break-up and rich harmonics. The American style punch and sparkle is here and yet we don’t comprise the Bad Cat signature sound.

Dual K Master volumes that can be selected via foot switch allows individually controllable rhythm and solo levels.

Classic American tone first introduced during the mid 60’s with the added headroom and refined response offered by custom hand wound transformers, premium components and short signal paths. Sparkling cleans with the ability to drive into smooth , harmonic rich overdrive. The patented K master circuit allows every tone the amp can produce at any volume level without compromise.  Adjustments to the bias circuitry allows the amplifier to operate on 6L6 or 6V6 power tubes.

Other specifications include:

  • 20 Watt (2 x 6V6)
  • Welded, powder coated Aluminum Chassis
  • Solid State Rectifier
  • Grid Biased
  • Digital reverb
  • Hand-wound paper bobbin output transformers
  • UK made proprietary Bad Cat celestion speaker
  • One Button Foot switch for dual K Master rhythm/lead levels (included)
  • Front Panel (left to right)
  • 1/4″ Input – Volume – Treble – Bass – Reverb – K Master 1 – K Master 2
  • Rear Panel (left to right)
  • Fuse-protected EIC Power Connection – Power & Standby Switches – Dual 1/4″ Speaker Outputs
  • Passive FX Loop (series) – 1/4″ Footswitch Jack – 4/8/16 Ohm Selector
  • 0118029

For more information about the Bad Cat Classic Pro 20R amplifier, please contact us.

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