Longbeard Boss Tom – 1×12


Texas-sized flood of pure tone!

Many consider the Fender AB763 “blackface” circuit of the mid 1960s to be the pinnacle of Fender amp design. Starting with this classic circuit, we made it simpler yet more robust, taking out what most players don’t need and beefing up what we all love. The result is a Texas-sized flood of pure tone!

The Boss Tom is available as either a 1 x 12 combo, 1 x 15 combo or as a head. A 2×12 matching cab is also available for the perfect gig rig.

While the Boss Tom is a heavy-hitter, it’s lightweight, and as always, carefully hand wired with only the best components. Step up to the Boss Tom!


  • 40 Watts of Class AB Power
  • Modified single-channel
  • AB763 circuit
  • Hand-wired, Point-To-Point
  • Adjustable fixed-bias
  • Tube compliment: (2)6L6 power, (2)12AX7, (2)12AT7
  • GZ34 tube rectifier
  • Spring Reverb with Dwell control
  • Increased gain
  • Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb and Dwell controls
  • Midrange control with more available mid boost than stock circuit
  • Dwell control to adjust Reverb depth
  • “Soul switch” to select variable negative feedback
  • Pull bright switch on volume control
  • Heavy-duty output transformer
  • Mallory™ and Sprague™ capacitors
  • Carbon film resistors
  • Carling™ switches, and Switchcraft™ jacks
  • External footswitch jack for Reverb
  • Solid finger-jointed pine cabinet
  • Weber Vintage Series Ferromax Speaker

For more information about the Longbeard Boss Tom Combo, please contact us.

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