Gibson The Falcon 5 – 1X10

Serial Number: F5-000163

The new Falcon models pay homage to Gibson’s legendary past as one of the very first manufacturers of electric guitar amplification but offer the versatility needed for today’s stages, home studios, and beyond.

With an elegant vintage-style aesthetic and modern boutique build quality, the Falcon amplifiers feature Jensen® Blackbird 40 Alnico speakers, spring reverb, and onboard power attenuation for touch-sensitive, harmonically rich American tone in a compact and easily portable package.

The compact Falcon 5 and Falcon 20 combos harken back to the Gibson amplifiers from the late 1950s and early 1960s that inspired them, but beneath their vintage-style Cream Bronco vinyl and Oxblood grille cloths are all-new circuits developed by Randall Smith and the MESA/Boogie® Design Team.

Other specifications include:

  • Single-ended, pure Class A power from a single 6V6 tube
  • Seven watts, switchable down to 3 watts
  • 10-inch Jensen Blackbird 40 Alnico speaker
  • Volume and tone controls with a wider, more usable range
  • Lush onboard all-tube spring reverb
  • 1.FA5.CO.J10
  • #V00118

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