Carr Mercury V 1×12 – Purple

Serial Number: 01211

Based on a pair of 6V6GT power tubes for a full-throated 16 watts, the Mercury V harnesses an ingeniously original preamp circuit featuring dual Volume controls (for High and Low voicings), a three-position Boost switch, and a three-knob EQ stage to kick out a dynamic range of distinctly English tones. The results included everything from pushed ’60s cleans, to chunky ’70s rock, right into’80s and ’90s crunch and singing leads, and even scorching high-gain sizzle. The internally paired High and Low channels can be run in parallel like a jumpered four-hole classic, or switched to cascade in series, taking the gain levels off the charts and into the 21st century.

An onboard attenuator—Carr’s forte—can be switched in to take the firepower anywhere from 4 watts down to a mere whisper, and there’s a post-power amp Line Out to send it to the PA or into your recording interface for tracking. Add lush tube-returned spring reverb, and there’s a wealth of multi-dimensional tone packed into this remarkably compact combo.

Other features include:

  • Class A
  • Push Pull 6V6 – enriched fixed bias
  • Single channel: Treble, Mid, Bass, Reverb
  • 3-position boost switch
  • Parallel or series input gain stages
  • Built in attenuator 4 to 0 watts or 16 watts full power
  • Power: 16 watts full, Attenuated 4 to 0 watts
  • Tubes: 4 12AX7, 2 6V6
  • Channels: 1
  • Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb
  • Switches: Series/Parallel Input Gain Toggle, 3-position Boost, Attenuator Toggle
  • Footswitch: No
  • Reverb: Yes
  • FX Loop: No
  • #01211

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