Tony Bruno Cow Tipper Pro II 45 – Head

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The Tony Bruno Cowtipper Pro II 45 is the perfect studio amp. Perhaps you’re looking to play a small gig, that’s no problem for the Cow Tipper Pro II 45. Whether you’re playing Rock, Jazz, Country, Pop, or anything in between, this amp will suit your style. The Cowtipper Pro II 45 is designed to enhance tone and reverb, giving you a stellar, spacious sound. In fact, the Cowtipper Pro II 45 doesn’t make you sacrifice any tonal characteristics from your guitar. No, it just enhances everything, giving it a beefier, jucier sound.

Other specifications include:

  • 6L6s
  • 45 watts
  • reverb

For more information about the Bruno Cow Tipper Pro II 45, please contact us.

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