Taylor Custom GA – Master Koa

Serial Number: 1208031195

So what is so special about koa anyway?  Well besides its striking beauty and its musical character it is quite rare.  The wood that Taylor chooses comes from one place on Earth – the main Island of Hawaii, and is grown at elevations above 5,000 feet.  Revered by guitar builders and players alike, Hawaiian koa’s visually striking grain character ranges from dark to light; from the heavily figured to straight-grained and everything in between. While you are getting lost in its inherent beauty, it’s easy to overlook the sonic quality of such a beautiful-looking tonewood, but koa’s musical response is striking: a midrange akin to mahogany, a touch of rosewood’s warmth and a top-end that can rival the best maple.  The good folks at Taylor like to describe koa as “a patient wood”, which means that the more you play this guitar, and “get the wood vibrating” its true tonal character blossoms over time to become even more appealing!  The more you play it, the more you’ll fall in love with it!

Ok – it looks great but what about its sound?

Looks and beauty aside, these special guitars also feature Taylor Guitars patented V-Class Bracing to bring you the volume projection and sustain along with the amazing intonation that comes with this sonic architecture.  Think of anything that uses a basic chassis – the underlying architecture as the basis for how “the whole” of a product works – like the chassis on a car.  It sets the overall “vibe” of the car and it’s what transmits all of the movement to the drivers steering wheel.  V-Class is the chassis and the architecture for this musical instrument….and it becomes the translator of what your fingers “speak”.  It does it in a whole new way by taking that energy and transmitting it back in a more unified order.  You’ll no longer hear that subtle note confusion and your ears will pick up each note in a much more pleasing way.  Every strum will provide a smoothness and sustain never thought possible in an instrument that you hold.

Okay – so it looks great, and sounds great, but how does it play?

One of the amazing things about Bob Taylor – the visionary behind Taylor Guitars is that he knew that he would never “win” at who thinks what guitar “sounds the best”….people all have different ranges of human hearing, and they all have personal tastes.  But – the one thing he knew that he could win was concerning the question of playability and comfort.  This is where the overall design of Taylor bodies and neck design come into play.  Due to the way Taylor constructs their neck pocket and neck angle, there is truly no guitar that plays like a Taylor Guitar.  Bob’s goal was to build an acoustic guitar with the playability of an electric guitar.  Was that possible?  The answer is a resounding YES!  It’s possible, and it’s been accomplished!

Taylor Guitars – a testament to service

One other issue that Bob wanted to address was the serviceability of his guitars.  He envisioned his acoustic guitars to be as easily serviceable as an electric guitar!  Could he design a system in which his guitar to be as easily adjustable over a long period of time to guarantee that the owner would have an instrument that would continue to not only play and feel as good as it did from the day it was bought – through its lifetime without either huge costs or the amount of time it takes in “rebuilding and resetting” the instrument.  Also – (and just as important) – what if the playing style of the owner changes over time?  Could the same guitar be “re-set up” to adjust to a whole new playing style or string gauge/tension?  The answer again is a HUGE YES!  Due to the way Taylor Guitars are manufactured, any authorized Taylor Service center can set up your instrument exactly the way you would like it without having to totally rebuild the instrument!  In most cases the set up takes less than a few hours!

Other specifications include:

  • Custom GA
  • 6 Strings
  • Venetian Cutaway
  • ES2 Electronics
  • Master Hawaiian Koa Back & Sides
  • Master Hawaiian Koa Top
  • Beveled Armrest
  • No Backstrap
  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • Mahogany Neck
  • Cocobolo Binding
  • Cocobolo Single Ring with Bound Rosette
  • Natural Stain
  • Taylor Paua Peghead Logo
  • Cindy Paua/MOP Fretboard Inlay
  • Cindy Paua Peghead Inlay
  • Abalone Top, Paua Abalone Trim
  • 1 3/4″ Nut
  • 25 1/2″ Scale
  • Standard Carve Neck Profile
  • Natural Satin Neck Finish
  • Gotoh 510 Antique Gold, w/Black Button Tuners
  • Ebony with Abalone Dot Bridge Pins
  • Hard Case
  • Manufacturer Quote #12254
  • 5 lbs 0 oz
  • 1208182185
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