Santa Cruz Style 1 Custom – Tunnel 13 Redwood & Highly Figured Walnut

Serial Number: 377

Not just FIgured Walnut. Highly Figured Walnut. Serious grain kids…

This Santa Cruz Style 1 Custom with Tunnel 13 Redwood & Highly Figured Walnut is as good of an acoustic as any on earth. Maybe beyond…

Just Superb.

From S.C:
To properly introduce the Santa Cruz Style 1, it is necessary to echo the historic positioning of the SCGC PJ guitar.  The parlor-style body was the pinnacle of the art of guitar making up until the late 19th century. This was the optimal size for tonal perfection. The reason guitars got bigger was to make them louder. With amplification and modern recording techniques, we can once again embrace sound quality over sound quantity.

The original body shapes of the fledgling C.F. Martin & Co. included the Size 1, a relatively large guitar for the era. Fast-forward to the new millennium where this design is very well suited for contemporary fingerstyle techniques. Santa Cruz Guitar Company’s interpretation of this wonderfully sized instrument is in response to players’ demands for this traditionally sweet-sounding guitar. SCGC’s ability to achieve surprising volume and presence in a smaller-bodied instrument gives the Style 1 a solid position in the contemporary guitarist’s repertoire.

Other specifications include:

  • Style 1 Model
  • Walnut Body (very figured)
  • Tunnel 13 Redwood top
  • Adirondack braces attached with hot hide glue
  • Thin black back strip
  • Walnut binding on the body
  • Black fingerboard binding
  • Unbound peghead
  • Custom Peghead Overlay: Walnut (very figured)
  • Single Blue Paua Rosette
  • Single black top purfle
  • SCGC logo at 12th fret
  • All other specifications standard
  • Hard Case
  • #377

For more information about the Santa Cruz Style 1, please contact us.

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