Ryan Signature Series Nightingale Grand Soloist – Lucky Strike Redwood/The Tree!

Serial Number: 986

The Signature Series Nightingale is Ryan Guitars’ most versatile model, featuring tremendous bass, iridescent trebles, and warm, sustaining tone. Expect balanced string-to-string clarity and separation, consistent, clear articulation up and down the fretboard, and the full suite of Ryan design innovations. Suited for fingerstyle, single note lead, strumming, Celtic ballads, open tuning, and lush open chords.

Other specifications include:

  • “The Tree” Quilted Honduran Mahogany Back and Sides
  • “Lucky Strike” Redwood Soundboard
  • Florentine Cutaway
  • Ebony Binding Theme
  • Blue Paua Heart Soundboard Purfling
  • “The Tree” Rosette Rosette
  • Blue Paua “R” Logo
  • Gotoh Super 510 Black Chrome Machine Heads with Ebonoid Buttons and Embossed “R” Logo
  • Mayfly Deco Fretboard Inlay
  • Art Deco Bridge Wing Inlay
  • Art Deco Fountain Headstock Inlay
  • Signature Series Truss Rod Cover; Brown Lip Oyster Corona/Blue Paua Purfling
  • Shell Appointments Upgrade Package
  • Blue Paua Headstock Purfling
  • MicroPearl Headstock Purfling
  • Blue Paua Fretboard Purfling
  • MicroPearl Fretboard Purfling
  • Neck & Headstock Side Purfling Package – Blue Paua Heart
  • Blue Paua Outer Circlet
  • MicroPearl Rosette Purfling
  • MicroPearl Logo Purfling
  • Blue Paua Heart Purfling on Side & Back
  • Innovation Suite (Ryan Ergonamic Bevel with Flutes, EO Bracing, Acoustic Honeycomb, Ryan Micro Adjustable Truss Rod System, Titanium Bridge Pins and A5 “Racing Stripe” Kerfed Liner)
  • 1.75″ Nut Width
  • 25.7″ Scale
  • Calton Flight Case
  • 986

For more information about the Ryan Signature Series Nightingale Grand Soloist, please contact us.

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